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2010 marks over 10 years with the Gear Up Grand Stand & Eliminator Racing.


This coming season Eliminator racing will once again be on using the great storage systems of Gear Up.  The 3 time State Games of America Gold Medalist, USA Cycling National Champion, State Champions, Regional Champions and the entire Eliminator Racing team will form again this coming year for another great season for a partnership with Eliminator BMX Racing Team.  Look for the team across the West Coast and United States searching for another year of titles racing the National Bicycle League & American Bicycle Association racing schedule.  For more info on the team check out their newly designed website at



Cody has been involved in BMX for over 20 years racing both ABA and NBL. He managed a BMX team for 10 years. Cody has racked up hundreds of wins. He is involved 100% in the sport of BMX and in the local, state and national series. Cody has been to the NBL Grand Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. Some past rankings include: 1994, 98, & 2002 California State #2, 1995,97,99&2005 California State #1, 1996 California State #4 Horsemen's Leap #6 and Bear Valley Leap #1. 1997, 2005&06 Western Region National #1 . 1998 Bear Valley Leap #8, Twin Palms Leap #1 Air Time Leap #34, NBL National #39, Western Region National #3. 1999 Western Region National #7, Twin Palms Leap #5, National #27, NBL High Point #24. 2000 National #50, California State Series #4, Western Region National #5. In 2001 Region National #2, California State Series #3, National #34, and the Letterman Series #2. The 2002 Series brought Cody a national number 24, and Letterman Series, State & Regional #2. In 2003 a National #22, ABA State #4, NBL State & Regional #3. In 2004 National #31, State #3, Regional # 2. In 2005 National #22, State, Regional & Leap #1 along with district top 10. In 2006 a national #17, won the letterman series, was Regional #1, State #3 and district top 10. In 2007 Cody rode for Team USA and came home with World #4, a National #4, a letterman jacket and Regional & State #1. In 2008 Cody extended his international efforts in Taiyuan, China at the UCI World Championships, a clean sweep of Sea Otter Classic medals, then finished 7th in the nation later in the year and is currently ranked state & regional #1.



Age: 13, NBL and ABA Expert Class Rider. Austin came to our team in 2007. He might have been new to our team but his background in BMX is already extensive at a young age. State, Regional, Gold Cups, Grand Nationals were all small talk for Austin. With many crowns and titles already at the age of 12 Austin rode for Team USA in 2007 and came home with the World #7. Austin also placed 9th for the National Title.



Age 17, NBL & ABA Expert and cruiser rider. Patrick has many years of high level competitive racing experience that comes along with his natural instinct to have fun on a bicycle. Patrick loves anything he can pedal with two wheels. Patrick came to our team in 2008 for support in the NBL season. Patrick grew with our team and is a great asset in both sanctions. With his previous top 10 national titles it was no doubt he would finish at the top on our team. Patrick finished 8th in the nation at the NBL Grand's along with #19 in 2008. Patrick is top ranked in the State series, has a great chase for a top finish in the ABA national series and finished 4th & 6th at the USA Cycling national championship early in the 2008 season. Look for "international" from Patrick!




Age 24, NBL and ABA expert and cruiser rider. Nathan has been racing almost 10 years and has excelled greatly in the sport. Where it has taken others years to advance Nathan has succeeded very quickly. He is now competing in one of the fastest classes in the sport, 19-25 expert He is at the top of the sport and has a very good chance of going far with it. He is involved 100% in the sport of BMX and in the local, state and national series. Nathan has taken the time and heart of his life to become a racer in the sport of BMX. Nathan has been to the NBL Grand Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky and the NBL Christmas Classic in Ohio. Nathan races the NBL local, state, and national level. Past Rankings include: NBL California State #6. 2001 Rankings: Sun Valley Leap #3, NBL National #9, California State #2&1and Regional National #1. Nathan won the California State Series #1, National #19 finish, Regional #1, the 2001 Letterman Series #1 expert title. In 2002 Nathan again captured Letterman Series Title #1 title and finished Number 1 for the state series with the National Bicycle League. 2003 Rankings Include a National #35 , ABA State #2, NBL #5, and Regional #5 . In 2004 a #1 909 series, an NBL State #5, National #37 & top 10 spot at the regional series. In 2005 he excelled in the top 5 for the state series along with a National #33 and ABA State #2. Nathan spent 2005 getting finished with college and a return in 2008 showed he was ready to race again with a quest for international ranking, a trip to China, and a national #18. Nathan also has a close reach on the Regional & State titles and looks forward to fulfilling his international race hunger in the 2009 season with another trip for the USA Cycling team.



Age 9, ABA & NBL Expert & Cruiser Class Rider. Under 10 years of age, Koby has already been racing more than 4 years! Koby has competed in the Grand Nationals In Tulsa, Oklahoma and Louisville, Kentucky. He has also attended NBL & ABA Nationals, the Redline Cup Championships, ABA State Championships has won the 909 Series Champion title numerous times, finished 12th in the national champion race during the 2006 season as is leading the points chase for the regional and state series in the National Bicycle League. In 2007 Koby attacked his skill for some titles and was competitive in the ABA & NBL attending numerous nationals. Koby finished National #13 and #11 on his cruiser bicycle in 2007 along with place state & regional #1. In 2008 Koby made his 4th national championship and finished 12th in the nation. Koby leads the state & regional points and looks forward to the 2009 season with hopes of his first international race and more nationals.



Age 18, NBL and ABA Expert Rider. Keith has been racing for almost 8 years. Keith competes in Local, State and National Races. Keith has been to the NBL Grand National in Louisville, Kentucky and the Presidents Cup in Ohio. Past Ranking Include: 1999 Twin Palms Leap #2, Bear Valley Leap #18, Sun Valley Leap #21, ABA District #156 & NBL California State #8. Y2K Rankings Include a National #2, Regional & State #2. 2001 Rankings Include a Regional and California State #6. In 2002 National #14, finished #3 for the State & Regional Series on both bikes in 2002 & 2003. 2004 Keith finished #3 in the Nevada series and a top regional spot. 2005 National #26 2006 was the start of a tough age change for Keith 2008 was filled with a sidelining injury! Keith looks to bring the 2009 season into shape with a fresh healed body for the points season



Age 32, NBL and ABA women's cruiser rider. Robyn began racing in 2006 and it was no question about her addition to the team with the family ties. Robyn sure doesn't need her sons link to our team to gain her spot on the roster. Robyn took her first year and lead the ABA points series, along with the State ranking. In the NBL Robyn has qualified for the State & Regional titles and her competitive nature got her 6th in the nation in the 2008 season. 2009 will be the hunt for a top 5 title in the nation, a possible international race and the state/regional titles.



Age 37 , NBL and ABA expert class rider. Robert comes to our team with extensive experience in BMX. After being a long time rider he became a track operator and is now back to a full time BMX Racer ready to add some more titles at the age of 35. Robert competes in NBL & ABA Nationals across the west coast and has been to the NBL Grand in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2007 he looks to grab some titles in his new class. In 2006 & 2007 he was able to compete at most of the west coast nationals to gain those always watched national points. The 2008 season brought rob back to the national championship after a long year for 7th at the King Of Vegas series, he finished 21 in the nation. Rob will be ready for the 2009 season with a new attack on the older age class.



Age 15, NBL and ABA expert rider. Jeremy came to our team in the middle of 2007. This always photogenic rider brings an abundance of attention to our team. Jeremy doesn't need his photographic riding style to being attention since his accomplishments show more than any picture can ever paint. In his years of racing many titles have been won in the American Bicycle Association. Just a couple years ago Jeremy has brought some concentration towards the National Bicycle League and came home with a top 10 national along with a National #6 in 2007 & Redline Cup Champion title. In 2008 Jeremy finished 3rd in the nation. 2009 will be a year for Jeremy to succeed on every platform of competition on his bicycle.



Age 20 , NBL and ABA expert & cruiser class rider. Mike races the NBL and ABA local, state, and national level. Mike has been racing for over 10 years and has really taken on the sport. Mike has many years of racing and titles in the NBL Nevada State Series. Mike has competed in the NBL Christmas Classic and Presidents Cup in Columbus, Ohio and the Grand Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. Mike has been to the NBL Grand Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky numerous years and has also attended nationals all over the west coast. In 2006 during his first year on our team he qualified both of his bicycles for the national championship and took an 8th place in the main event on the championship day after racing in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Pennsylvania & Kentucky. Mike continued his momentum in 2007 by attending numerous nationals. The 2009 season will be the return of Mike with a race schedule to hunt down those winning titles.



Age 11, NBL Novice class rider. Julion is fresh to the novice class and is looking to spend this year building his BMX skills and we are sure with the BMX history in his family he will be able to move up into the expert rankings. Julion loves to race and enjoys getting out on the track. In 2004 he became the NBL Western Regional National Champion. In 2005 he worked on his racing skills by racing the west coast NBL Nationals and the Nevada state series and by 2006 attended his first NBL Grand National Championship and after a year of national racing finished # 36 for the nation giving him great experience to take into the 2008 season for the nationals he will be attending along with his other 2007 titles it will be great upcoming season.



Age 7, NBL and ABA rider. At 5 years old and nicknamed Koa already stomps the national season as he makes ground to becoming one of the upcoming riders in the sport at an early age he travels to national events and competes with some of the best from around the country at the west coast nationals. In 2005 during his first year of racing at the young age he was racing the Nevada state series and by 2006 was racing the nationals. Koa looks forward to working on his BMX skill and becoming an expert rider at a very young age. In 2007 Koa attended Nationals, Regional & State races and even made a main at a national. In 2008 Koa worked toward a national title by brining home a 2nd place in the nation. Koa is also qualified for the regional championship and is looking to advance his riding skills to follow the family tradition of winning races.

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